TTT-ESTEPONA offers professional translation services:

For individuals
Translation of all documents needed in Spain and abroad for registering a birth, marriage, divorce or death; for convalidation of academic studies; also of property deeds, insurance policies, medical reports or any other text of which the individual wishes to know the exact meaning in his/her own language.

For lawyers, notaries and banks
Translation of all documents needed by their clients to take effect in Spain and abroad in the courts, land and commercial registry offices and other official institutions.

For companies
Translation of memoranda and articles of association, service contracts, purchase and sale contracts and title deeds, and any other documents required for running their businesses.

Interpreting service
A Spanish-English interpreter is available for court hearings, attendance at Notary offices, community meetings or any other business appointments.

Proof reading and editing
A rapid and precise service in Spanish, English and French for all texts required for publication.

For more information regarding our services and rates please contact TTT-ESTEPONA